Case Study
Helping brands be heard in the moment on Spotify


Spotify Ad Studio is a self-service platform that allows content creators and promotors to deliver targeted audio ads to listeners on Spotify’s free platform. The Brigade worked with the Spotify team to deliver a fresh web experience that helps advertisers understand the power of audio advertising, and guides them through optimizing the value of their ads.

We immersed with the Spotify team to define the strategies and executional plan that would yield a more valuable web experience.

Our Contributions

  • Full Stack Development
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Brand Strategy
  • Website UX Strategy
  • Website UX Design
  • Website Design

UX Strategy

The team went through a series of design exercises to better understand the challenges presented by the current website, jobs our users are trying to accomplish, and the ongoing opti­miza­tion needs. Through these, we were able to determine the key goals to measure the project buy, and deliver the experience framework that supports them.


Brand Strategy

Spotify has multiple web properties targeted at connecting with and supporting brands using music to connect better with their audience. Our design explo­rations landed us in a crisp visual direction and editorial tone that evolved the Ad Studio brand while keeping it grounded in the language used across their properties.


A fresh, clean, and effortless brand experience
for Spotify Ad Studio.