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Terabytes to Momentos

From terabytes buried on a hard drive, to family mementos hanging above the mantle The Brigade worked with Livestock from the inception of their business idea to the launch of the consumer product and website, providing design and development for an entire customer experience that turns digital jpegs into beautiful, photographic family heirlooms. Livestock saw that the world was brimming with great photos, only buried on our phones and computers. "What if we made it ridiculously easy to curate, retouch, frame and show the most treasured moments of our lives?"

From that profound question, through to the final product launch, The Brigade worked with Livestock to develop an entire experience that puts gallery-quality printing and framing online for professional photographers and amateurs alike.

It’s rewarding to be able to use today’s technology to create heirlooms that seem to come from an earlier time. The ultimate reward for Livestock is to see the delight and surprise on their customers’ faces, their lives reframed as the fine art they deserve. The fully custom system was developed in collaboration with the founder, engineers and designers. Having everyone at the table together yielded the best possible user experience that you simply cannot get from an out of the box e-commerce solution. There’s a world of beautiful, charming, life-affirming images out there—buried on phones and computer hard drives. Not all our photos are keepers, of course. But some, if framed the proper way, could become living reminders of cherished moments or memorable experiences.

Livestock framing photo on a computer monitor
Livestock framing photo
Livestock framing photo on a computer monitor

From terabytes buried on a hard drive, to family mementos hanging above the mantle.

Livestock framing order screen